Rest In Peace Jaime! aka MistGreen50 recently lost one of its most active and veteran member, Jaime Trujillo.  Jaime joined just days after the site went live on the Internet and contributed to a lot of threads on the forum.  He went out of his way to assist others in locating hard-to-find car parts and would make sure he kept the forum lively by putting many on blast J

I personally met Jaime on December 2007 when I traveled to New Mexico.  He shared with me his ’50 Chevy Fleetline project and I could see how passionate he was about it.  He also showed me his vast collection of hub caps and accessories.  Jaime and I would have occasional debates about all sorts of things but he reminded me not to overthink things, letting petty things go, and growing a thicker skin.  He meant well and he cared.  He cared that we built our projects to the best of our abilities.  He cared for family and for his friends.  It’s a huge loss and I share the same sentiment with many of our CB members.


Here is a little excerpt that Jaime posted on January 31, 2006:

My name is Jaime. I grew up in East Los Angeles but now reside just outside of Albuquerque NM in Belen. I have been into bombs as long as I can remember, use to sit on phone books in my dad’s 50 trokita cruising Whittier Blvd (Eastern to Atlantic) in the 70’s and 80’s. I am also into DIY underground metal and punk, been doing this for about 18 years now. I set up tours for European and Japanese bands from time to time. Hell of a combination do you think? I have a 53 Bel Air that is on the back burner right now and some other projects.

I work at a grocery distribution center nights and install hydraulics days, I stay pretty busy, need that feria for accessories.

I am building a 50 deluxe for my dad, hence my user name. It will be one sweet bomb when it’s done. I have every single option for the car and the majority are NOS. It will be the original Mist green with gray broadcloth interior. I am running a detailed 216 with a NOS Edmunds 2×1 intake with Carters and porcelainized Fentons. As far as wheels I am probably going to run some 560×15’s with some Viking caps. I am in the process of setting up the front air bags and will move on to the rears shortly.

I fly the VIEJITOS plaque proudly and have been a member for about 10 years.

We would like to extend our condolences to his family and friends.  RIP Jaime.

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  • Jimmy

    Sorry for your loss I first saw the old school pump set up on his car on you tube and that started me looking into an old set up for my 54. You could tell he had love in his work

  • John

    God give and God take. He’s one many soldiers out there resting in peace . Bless the family and foremost bless the chevybomb crew “forever”!

    God is Good

  • Rafa


  • El capitan
    El capitan

    Man…sad to see that another brother has crossed over. A road we must all take. Rest in peace carnal…

  • Marco Patiño
    Marco Patiño

    Photo Credit: Marco A. Patiño


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