“El Greengo”: 1937 Chevrolet Master Business Coupe

Without, the ‘37 would have never happened. I found CB after having met one of the most active members at a car related event. That member, Rafa, told me about the site and suggested that it may have people with the same mindset about cars that I had. Most of us found that not all Internet car guys/forums feel the same about the “Bomb Style” that we do. The support in building one was lacking from other sites.

I had a ‘54 Chevy Bel Air at the time I joined, but like a lot of classic car owners, couldn’t seem to get much done on the car. Despite gaining more contacts, friends, and knowledge on the site on a daily basis, the ‘54 just wasn’t the build for me at that time.

My wife and I talked about it and we decided I should just go ahead and find a car I was really willing to get behind and see through to the end. We weren’t getting any younger and I probably wasn’t going to be building another one, so I better “make it count”, so to speak.

I found the car on Craigslist in Seattle, Washington; this is where the Chevybombs connection kicked in. I reached out to Gee to see if he could get in touch with anybody from the site in the Seattle area. He helped me get in touch with the two Joe’s that lived up that way and they went and checked the car out for me. After they told me it was a decent buy, I reached out to Rafa to help me get the car home. Rafa was able to borrow Big Daddy’s, of the Blvd Bombs car club, trailer at no cost and we made a run up to the Portland Swap Meet to hook up with the seller of the car. We made the transaction and brought home the car to Northern California.

Being on Chevybombs prepared me for what I wanted to do the car, even though I didn’t have the skill set to do it myself. I was lucky enough to have another CB member, Tyler of TP Customs Chop Shop, agree to do some suspension and body work in his spare time for me. Well, as some times it is the case, we started talking about what the car could be and decided he would do what he does best and build a high quality Chevy Bomb with some Kustom (with a K) flare. The build took over 4 years to complete, but it was only built on nights and weekends since he has a full time job running a successful Auto Body shop in South San Francisco.

Tyler did an incredible job of building this car and although I was involved as much as I could be in the tear down and design of the car, it never would’ve happened had it not been for his tenacious drive, effort, and skills.

Here are the specs on the car, all work done by Tyler Pullen unless otherwise noted:

1937 Chevrolet Master Business Coupe

Mustang II IFS with disc brakes – Tyler

Triangulated 4 linked Cutlass Supreme Rear End – Tyler

Fully adjustable Airbag Suspension – Tyler

216 CI straight six with Fenton Headers, Pertronix conversion, 12-volt conversion, and Offenhauser valve cover. – Tyler

Chevy T5 5 speed transmission from an S-10 truck – Tyler

Relocated gas tank between rear frame rails – Tyler

Custom bodywork and paint – Tyler

Custom wiring – Jeff Avitua/Tyler

Custom Interior – Danny Williams of DJ designs of South San Francisco, CA

Custom iPod based stereo System – Acme Tops and Tunes of Sacramento, CA

Custom Exhaust – SVS Muffler and Dyno of Sacramento, CA

It rolls on Coker 560 bias plys with 1949 Chevy full disc hubcaps.


Shout outs to my wife Andrea, Rafa, Martin (Locos49), Gee, the Seattle Joe’s, Jaime, Big Daddy, Tony I and the whole CB familia for their willingness to share their knowledge and connections to make something like this happen. Also to Juan and Eddie for creating a place like CB available for us car guys. I’ve met people on CB that I’m sure I’ll know for the rest of my life.



Michael Ogden (Oggiedawg)

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