1949 Chevrolet 3100 Half Ton Truck – Raymond Martinez

Ray Martinez has owned his 1949 Chevy 3100 Truck for thirty years now.  When he first got it, the trokita was an “Old Beater”.  It had no side windows, no seat, no taillights, and missing all the wood in the bed.  Most of the wiring was bare and was spliced together.  It needed a lot of work as one could imagine!  Ray then fixed the necessary things to make it road worthy.
Ray’s inspiration for building the truck was his “Jefito”, Ray Sr.  He was a construction worker all his life.  He always had a truck for work but none of them were “nice”.  They were always loaded with sand, rocks, bags of mortar, and/or cement.  Ray Sr. told Ray Jr. that one day he would build a really nice trokita.  Unfortunately, Ray’s father passed away before they could do it.  Ray kept his wish in mind and took it on.  Ray fells it turned out pretty nice and we agree with him.

Truck Name:  “El Chilero” ; Owner: Raymond Martinez

– Year/Make/Model: 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Half Ton

– 235 C.I. engine bored .030” over, dual carb’ed, Fenton Dual Intake, Fenton Headers/ Split Manifold; Magna Flow Dual Exhaust, Bee Hive Oil Filter, and Waynes Valve Cover Kit

– Original suspension with original four speed transmission mated to a 4:55:1 rear gear ratio

– Paint:  Custom blend, “El Chilero ” Red

– Goodies: original butterfly steering wheel, custom upholstery on the original seat, hat holder accessory, Fulton Traffic Light Finder, accessory cigarette lighter, radio, compass, Unity Accessory Spot Lights w/Mirrors, Screamin’ Eagle Hood Ornament, Fulton Visor, Safety Star, original marble rear reflectors, and Thermador Swamp Cooler


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  • Ray Martinez
    Ray Martinez

    Thx for featuring ” El Chilero ” on you site!!! I ‘m very happy with the way the article turned out. Looking forward to viewing all the other ” bad ass ” rides. Continued success!!!
    Gracias y Adios,


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