Bomb Of The Year – The Homewrecker: 1936 Oldsmobile Convertible

How often do you see a 1936 Oldsmobile cruising around?  Even more so, a convertible?!  Gerardo “Gee” Cardenas, is the lucky owner of such vehicle.  Gee has been one of our most active members on and a fan of Cookie Butter.  The ’36 Olds Rag was dubbed “The Homewrecker” by Gee’s wife, Patty, because she was upset that Gee had to sell their ’41 Chevy Rag when he bought the ’36 Olds.

Gee first found out about the 36 Olds when Rafa aka “Archangel” called him one night while he was on the road to visit his brother in Central California. He called him to let Gee know that the Olds was for sale on Hemmings Motor News Magazine.  He had mentioned it before that Gee would love to own a 30’s rag with a rumble seat. The following day, Gee called the owner of the car and set up a day to see it. As soon as Gee saw the car in person, he knew he wanted to buy it but the owner was holding it for the best cash offer.  Fast forward about a month and Gee ended up with it after winning a bidding war over it.

The first thing Gee did to the Olds was to add whitewalls.  The previous owner suggested to Gee to keep the car all stock and was against the whitewalls.  His aunt was the original owner of the Olds, (she bought it brand new in 1936 in Southern California) and thought the car should remain how it came out the factory.




After the whitewalls, Gee lowered the rear with 3 inch blocks and added dual Firestone passing lamps.  The next accessory Gee found was a set of skirts on eBay which he had Tyler from TP Customs paint and fit to the Olds.  “Big Dan” Espinoza provided the stainless trim for the skirts. Tyler also repaired, painted, and installed the accessory fender lights and accessory passenger taillight.

After cruising her for a while, the car just sat to high.  So, after contacting Tyler once again and setting a date for the grinder and welder, the Olds was on its way on getting a full air bag system. Tyler installed a Accuair elevel kit along with four linking, C-notching the rear, and converted the Olds to 12 volt system. He also fabricated brackets for the rear luggage rack.

Gee cruised the Olds around for a bit when a couple of accidents to the fenders destined her back to Tyler.  He painted the four fenders, accessory fender lights, and rear taillights. He also installed a hidden stereo system in the Olds.

Presently, Gee has sent out the front and rear bumpers and various parts to be chromed.  Tyler has also split an original exhaust manifold for the Olds that will be installed shortly along with new dual exhaust.

Gee plans to enjoy the car “as is” for the present time but at some point will receive a new top, interior, more chrome, and paint.

Engine : original 213 all stock drivetrain 3 speed
Interior : original
Suspension : accuair elevel, four link, C-notched
Wheels and tires : stock Oldsmobile artilleries with accessory rings, Firestone whitewalls 5.50×16
Accessories : fender lights, passenger side taillight, fender skirts and trim, bumper guards and grill guard, Firestone passing lamps, correct 1936 Oldsmobile clock, radio and gear shifter knob also rear luggage rack, cat eye lighter, glare shield and look out mirrors
Audio: Two 6×9, Two 6.5 speakers and a 12 inch woofer


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