1939 Pontiac 8 Cabriolet

My name is Aldo and I purchased this beautiful car on May 13, 2014, after being advertised on eBay from the original owner. I Had been looking for a 1930s convertible for a while but were always out of my price range.  After owning a few 1940s and 50s convertibles, I thought it was time to get into the gangster era of the 1930s “rags”. This ‘39 Pontiac rag caught my eye after being advertised a few times on eBay.  After talking to the owner on the phone, I struck a deal and it was on its way to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I had a vision of it being on the ground with all of the hard to find accessories and making it my own!! The old man had it since new, had recently painted it, freshened up interior, and was a solid, rust free car.  After it arrived, I began looking for all of the goodies that are on it today!  I’d like to thank Chevybombs for letting us share the love and passion we have for our Bombs and more importantly, all the new friends made through purchasing parts off other Chevybombers.  And more importantly, my wife for supporting my addiction to Bombs!! She now has her own Bomb as well…a 1951 Chevrolet DeLuxe Convertible!!!



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