Chris Harrison aka OGBOMB

Been into old cars all my life, our dad was an active member of the Local hot rod back home in Gisborne, New Zealand. It wasn’t until about 16 years ago that I really got into low riding and bombs.

The first Chevy bomb I owned was a 37 Chevy Deluxe 4 door sedan when I was about 15, sold off before i finished it. Since then have owned 64 Impala’s, a 52 Chevy sedan and currently have a 38 Pontiac, 59 El Camino and a 39 Packard 110 Coupe.

I don’t really have a single favorite bomb, the quality of the Tovar Brothers cars is exceptional and after meeting them and seeing their cars just blew me away. Mid to late 30’s Packards are also a huge favorite.

Chevy Bombs has enabled us here in NZ to keep up with bomb knowledge, trends and allow us to meet a bunch of talented and knowledgeable guys who have been more than happy to help out when needed and offer their own time when we have been lucky enough to head over and check out the scene for ourselves.

Although the scene is small and parts and accessories are hard to get at times down here in NZ, through our club Carnales NZ we are encouraging the scene to grow and also educate people on the Bomb scene and culture. Our style and cars have been well received both here and around the world and i feel privileged to have met so many influential people in the scene. A Big thanks to the Chevy Bombs family!

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  • Eric

    Hey man im a fan of your 38 pontiac its really clean, my dad i are in the process of restoring one. Do you happen to have any 38 pontiac parts?


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