Featured Member: Pete Salgado aka PRS-ONE

What got me into old cars , was my parents . Both my mom and dad had lowriders when I was a kid , I remember cruising in the back seat on Whittier blvd or San Fernando and  I love it . Watching people give thumbs up as they drove passed us even cops at times.

My first chevybomb is a 1954  Chevy belair just like what my pops had back in the day ever since then I had a thing for 1954s

As I got older and got to know more about the history of chevy, my all  time chevybomb is a 1940 Chevy coupe,  the last year of the running boards and especially those headlights that sit on top of the fender. Man ol’ man .

What I got out of chevybombs is a lot knowledge from some cool ass people , around the time I purchased my bomb , I had lost my father , the man who was suppose to help me when I got caught in a jam , my to go to person , and then I heard about chevybombs from my cousin ,  I meet a lot cool people that helped and lead me in the rite direction , and become really good friends to this day ” Shortdog,  Chris Fuji, Juan Z, loco53909, and Felipe to name a few.

With all that being said , there’s no other like chevybombs, for all you newcomers welcome to a new addiction of chevybombs where Tradition, Pride, and Culture lives .







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