Featured Member: Johnny Aranda aka AAA51

1.  I got into old cars when I was a young kid with my father . He has had his 39 Chevy since the 70’s.  So, going to car shows swap meets and working on cars was how I got into the cars.
2.  My first car was and still have is my 51 Chevy 2 door sedan.
3.  My all time favorite bomb actually two:  1939 Chevy and the 51 Chevy.
4.  I have meet new people on and gain a lot of knowledge on just the different topics it offers.
5.  This is a one stop site you can just about get all the info you need for your bomb, motor swaps, suspension work, and how to accessorize your car with the period correct parts of that year besides the factory offered accessories.

My Brother, myself, and my dad.  We have been going to the swap meets all over the country hunting for rust gold since the 70’s

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