Featured Member: Henry aka chevman

Big Henry 1946 Aerosedan Fleetline.  My Car’s name is BROWN STONE

(1)  I had just turned 16 and my parents gave me the old family car, that was a 66 Chevy impala, the only problem was it didn’t run. But they said it was mine and with that it all began, the addiction that is. Our neighbor was a great mechanic and would instruct me on what I needed to do to the motor. Occasionally he would put his hands in if needed but he said ( I’ll tell you what to do, that way you will learn). Once I got that car running, I was hooked.

(2) That 1966 Chevy impala was my first car ever owned. After that it was a 1966 Chevy Custom Cab pick up truck. Learning how to drive 3 on the tree was another adventure.

(3) Its very hard to say which bomb is my favorite, cause as a car enthusiast, I love them all and can appreciate each and everybody’s style.

(4) What I’ve gotten out of Chevy Bombs is that. It is so amazing to know that their are people around the word that got the same passion and they’re right here on Chevy Bombs. Also to put the face to the name at the annual Chevy Bombs BBQ. Great people of all ages, our common string is the ranflas.

(5) To all Chevy bomb Members thank you for doing your best to answer questions that I’ve had in the past, present and future. Chevy Bombs Membership knowledge is second to none. I guess what id like to say is. If your fairly new to the Chevy Bombs, don’t be embarrassed to ever ask a question. We’ve all been there at one time or another. And to all the Veteranos in game gracias.

Big Henry

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