Featured Member: Per Ornberg aka The Swede

I have always had a passion for old cars and especially for American cars. My first car was a 1964 Impala SS with 327, Powerglide and bucket seat and from then I have had a lot of different cars like a couple of 65-67 Mustangs, 63 Galaxie ragtop, 37 Ford slantback etc., but one day, in 2006, when I visited H.A.M.B., I read something about a site called Chevybombs. After my first visit at the site I was hooked… this was the kind of cars I love. At that time, I owned a 1941 Buick Sedanette and it was my first Bomb. After a few years I sold that car and bought my second Buick Sedanette, this time a black 1948. Then by a coincidence,  I saw a 1947 Olds coupe for sale here in Sweden for the right kind of cash so suddenly I had two bombs. After some years, I sold these two rides and bought me a 1940 Plymouth coupe but as the Die-Hard GM freak I am I sold that 40 and bought me my current 48 Olds which I will keep. The paint on my Olds, which I believe is original, has started to fade away so maybe I will paint it some day in the future. The hard part is to decide which color to go for. In my opinion, the paint selection could either make or break a car.

One of my favorite bombs are Eddie Tovar’s green 48 Chevy Aerosedan.

The Chevy bomb site made me discover a new world of super cool cars and people and has given me many new friends and I have had the privilege to meet some of them in real life, both in California and in France. And last but not least all the knowledge available in the forum.  Even over here in Sweden and other European countries I can feel the interest is starting to grow and we have recently started Dukes CC Sweden which will be the first Dukes chapter in Europe.

A big thanks to Juan and Eddie for a superb Bomb Site.

Per “The Swede”

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