Featured Member: Miguel Lopez aka kukulkan

1. How did you get into old cars/trucks?

I grew up in a community of predominantly Mexican Americans in Union City
(Alvarado and Decoto) these areas still go by the names of the original land owners
back in the days before the arrival of gold rush. This is important to me because in my
youth I saw lots of people in the car movement and the lowriding scene develop in our
community growing up. I was probably in the 7th or 8th grade when I started really
getting interested in cars watching family friends and relatives work on cars. The
Gente I grew up with, like Manuel Miramontes a person coming up I saw doing some
awesome things back in the days, Richard “WhiteBoy” Adams (RIP), they guy was so
ahead of the times in accessories it was mind blowing when you think back, you have
guys like Rudy Munoz, and his brothers Jose and Victor, being a club member with
Nick Camacho now President of Nite Life. Those are some of the people that I grew up
with and were influenced by in the car scene. Growing up in this community was
great, even though some of us have moved away, we still come around as a community
and are now involved in helping out our community, which are just part of an
extended family.
Since one of my Tio’s didn’t know how to drive I use to drive his 60 Impala and take
him all over the place, I was in the 9th grade back then, hadn’t even taken drivers ed.
class. I then bought a 64 Malibu at the Flea Market when they use to have it at (Nimitz
Drive Inn) theater in Fremont Ca. I flipped that car and bought a 64 Impala, which I
think I paid like 175.00 for. I think those first cars got me hooked on the Oil and

2. What was the first chevy bomb vehicle you owned?

All thru my High School years it was low riding and the 64’s were the hit, Some of us
graduated and school was over. I went to El Paso thinking that it was my future and
destiny, I found out I was wrong and came back to California. During the 80’s I went
thru some times where I really didn’t know what I wanted or where I was headed,
Although I held some pretty good jobs in Electronics, which led me to a few years with
Apple Comp. I was lost. I was not into cars so much, I still liked them, but it was like a
switch had been turned off and if your know the 80’s you know what that switch was.
Then I ran into a young lady who I had met when she was a little girl years ago, but
she wasn’t that little girl any more. We dated and eventually had a lil girl and got
married, I was fortunate enough to get a job at the utility company up in our area
PG&E, after working there for a few years and before you know it, they placed our job
classification in a DOT classification, the reason I tell this story is that all these things
had to happen before that switch was reactivated and went into full charged mode and
I began living my dreams and my destiny again. God placed all these things on my
path to lead me where I am today. I had my family, a wife who encouraged me and
was and is my ROCK, a good job, a home and some money in the bank… jajaja. The
wife and I were talking one day and I told her I want to get back into the car scene
again, and that I was going to look for a project to start working on, at which she
replied, ok, but why not get a car that is not a a complete project and something we
can enjoy now. The search was on! not to long after I was looking thru the adds, yes
adds no Craiglist or Ebay yet. I stumbled upon a 1948 Fleetline right in my back yard
Pittsburgh (Pitas) California, I was at work at the time and I called the number and
got the info, I called the Dispatcher and told them I was sick and left to go check out the
car. So after that long winded answer, my first BOMB was a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline,
which I bought a few days before my wife’s birthday, and the switch has been on since
and now locked on, but with family always first.

3. Which Chevy Bomb is your all-time favorite?

That is one tough question, there are so many beautiful BOMBAS and they all have
their personalty and their touch of class, and in having owned a few. Seeing the
accessories and option on different models and years. I would have to say the 1946
Chevrolet Aero Sedan (Fleetline). This year is so significant historically, and the
options and the accessories for that year is just some bad ass art to me.

4. What have you gotten out of

I have learned a lot from Chevy, I have learned more about the cars and
their owners, I have met new friends and friends afar around the world. It’s just
amazing how a love for cars can broaden your horizon and take you to different parts
of the world where you have that common bond, where there is no boundaries, no
color issues or social status. This is just an awesome sight for all car enthusiasts. You
learn how to tips or get help doing the work, it has it all.

5. As a Veterano, is there anything you would like to share to the

Share your knowledge of cars! I’m not sure of any other hobby per say that different
groups of people have a common bond and can just sit, stand or how ever and just talk
about cars. its a great thing that has changed me personally, the love of cars and
meeting new people and forming friendships that possibly and most likely last a
lifetime. Everyone has their like and dislike, respect one another and value diversity.

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