Featured Member: Juan Sanchez aka LaBomba54

  1.  How did you get into old cars/trucks?

I was raised in the classic car capital, California to be exact. I remember a vivid memory of a green 54 chevy slammed from the back and raised from the front cruzing in Santa Ana. When I first saw this car I knew from that point forward that I had to have own one some day, as the years went by my father Juan Sr would get me exposed to the fixing cars scenery and going to a junk yards ever weekend. I had the vision at the young age and my father gave me the tools to reach my goals.


  1. What was the first chevy bomb vehicle you owned?

My first Chevy Bomb I owned was a 54 Chevy Belair Sportscoupe. I called it “La Turquesa” for it’s beautiful turquoise color and a complimentary white top. I was barely 18 and cruising a 50 plus year old car, no one understood me. People only saw a young Chicano cruising with style. During my early 2000’s era reggaeton was at its peak fast cars was the way to go, not for me I stayed true to my beliefs and proud of my heritage.


  1. Which Chevy Bomb is your all time favorite?

As a 54 purist the question is easy to answer. Puro 54’s


  1. What have you gotten out of

Thanks to I was able to meet some of my best friends today. I’ve made several connections across the nation and found the bomb I own today. The information that is shared within the website is priceless, the culture here is unparalleled to any other website out there.


  1. As a Veterano, is there anything you would like to share to the world?


I would just like to share a few words a wise man once shared with me; enjoy your life and everyone moment of it, don’t stress out about the little things, tell your family you love them and make sure you have your priority straight. Put food on the table first and then on your ride. If you do all of this things you will live a healthy and prosperous life.



Juan Sanchez



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