FEATURED MEMBER: Jermaine Shaffer aka aristech

  1. How did you get into old cars/trucks?

I have been into cars since I was little. Always loved the look of old cars and the endless amount of ways to fix them up. My first car was a 1968 Pontiac Firebird that I plan to giveto my daughter. Started with hot wheels and then bikes and just moved up from there to cars.



  1. What was the first chevy bomb vehicle you owned?

The First Bomb I owned is my 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan with Country Club kit


  1. Which Chevy Bomb is your all time favorite?

1938 Chevrolet convertible with rumble seat.


  1. What have you gotten out of

I have made lots of contacts and learned a lot of new things regarding Bombs.

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