FEATURED MEMBER: David White aka kraz13

  1. How did you get into old cars/trucks?

It started with my dad who was into muscle cars.  He had a 1970 Nova SS which he was working on and I fell in love with it.  He taught me all he knew about automotive. It was around 1984 when I saw my first lowrider, which was a candy patterned out 64 Impala with tru spokes. I fell in love with the style and I started reading Lowrider Magazine which finally got me hooked.  First bomb I ever saw was a black Fleetline slammed to ground around the early 1980’s.


  1. What was the first Chevy bomb vehicle you owned?


First car I owned was 1963 Impala which was given to me by my parents for high school graduation present.  I drove it primer and on 14s Tru Spokes for a long time. First bomb I owned was a 1941 Chevy 2 door sedan. I tore it down to do a full restore before someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!


  1. Which Chevy Bomb is your all time favorite?


My all time favorite would be a 1939 4 door Chevy and fully loaded with accessories!   One day I will get my 39.


  1.  What have you gotten out of


As for Chevybombs, I have gotten the best advice and knowledge from many people. I was in awe when a lot of people shared pics, advice, and parts which I couldn’t have gotten from anyone else, elsewhere. Also, I made great friends through Chevybombs!


  1.  As a Veterano, is there anything you would like to share to the world?


I would like to say please dont ever stop helping and sharing with each others. It’s a blessing to talk to people who have a common interest as I do in bombs.  I also want to thank my parents for everything they’ve done for me!


David White

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