Javier Lopez’s 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Series Truck

For nearly 10-years that we have been in existence, ChevyBombs has enjoyed following build threads from beginning to end that our members have shared to the rest of the world. One such project is Javier Lopez’s 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Series truck. Javier was looking on Craigslist for an old school bomb. He found his 1951 Chevy truck near his house in Newark, California. He called the owner and made a deal. The following day, Javier’s friend and him rented a trailer and picked it up. The cab was in pretty rough shape as well as the floors; they were pretty much gone! The stereo in the dash was a board cut out and needed attention. Javier went to the Turlock Swap Meet and purchased another ‘51 cab that was in much better shape for $100 bucks. The “trokita” still sits on its original frame while the front suspension is stock with the original drum brakes still putting a stop to the old work horse. The rear had been lowered with 3-inch aluminum blocks with four leaf springs removed; it is equipped with deluxe pressure shocks. It still has the enclosed drive line with the stock 4.11:1 rear gear ratio with the “three on the three” transmission. The old trokita is powered by a 1954 Chevy 235cui motor with Fenton exhaust headers. The exhaust system contains a pair of 13-inch glass packs. The electrical system has been converted to a 12-volt system. Such goodies include a “Butterfly” steering wheel with the suicide knob and a custom made red Fulton Traffic Light Finder. Javier still has a lot of accessories that have not yet been installed but looks forward to installing them soon. His ’51 Chevy truck has been in the works on and off for 6-years. He has communicated to us that his truck has been a great experience and a real motivator while meeting a lot of great people along the journey. Keep an eye out for his beautiful truck!

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