Project 47, Chapter 10: Yep. I’m Back!

Yep.  It’s been a solid 9 months since my last update on Project 47.  Of course, I could bore you with all of the reasons/excuses however, that won’t help anybody!

So where have we been?  At this point in time, I have tack welded the 2-link rear setup after spending countless hours removing and grinding off the 4-link suspension.  Why remove the 4-link?

  1. Updated rear end with 3.08:1 gear ratio for the 235cui (yes, 235cui…not 261cui at this time).  The rear end is off a 1968 Chevelle Convertible.
  2. The 4-link had very tall upper bars/brackets that were hitting the floorboard when fully laid down.
  3. The 2-link is simple and does not have the upper two bars that hit the floor.

When the 2-link was all tacked in, I noticed that the large U-Bolts from the kit interfere with the location I wanted to install the powerballs/cylinders.  I attempted to put the powerballs on top of the axle tube but as suggested by many and confirming it myself, the cylinders/hydraulic bridge hit the rear seat.  I started to trim the rear metal flange that hold the rear seat but I have decided to stop and relocate the powerballs back away from the seat by adding another piece of channeled steel and welding some 1/4inch gusset.  I haven’t gone that far yet but that’s next on the agenda.

I have also started to get the chrome work started.  A couple of friends suggested Buena Park Bumper and Chrome Inc in Buena Park, CA which happened to be a close driving distance from my work.  I dropped off a couple of bumpers and the rear pull down w/ bracket.  After a quick one week turn around time, I picked them up.  WOW was my initial response!  Flawless work.  The rear pull down bumper guard had a huge dent.  Poof – it was gone.  It was suggested by Sam, the owner of the chrome shop, to sandblast the back of the pieces to enhance the nickel finish and rid of any residual rust.

I’ve also picked up a 235cui engine off a ‘59 Chevy truck.  I will go through it and verify that no rebuild is required.  I don’t want to go through all of this work of installing it only to find out something was wrong with it!

Woodgrain has been completed by Ruben’s Garage, all done by hand.  I had it woodgrained before but I changed my mind on the pattern and wanted it a bit darker.

I’ve been collecting accessories along the way to add that extra level of detail to the car.  I’ll share some images below.

Until next time…


Buena Park Bumper & Chrome Inc.
7425 Orangethorpe Ave Ste G
Buena Park, CA 90621
(714) 670-7803



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