Project 47, Chapter 6: Powder Coat It!

Many of you, like me, are Do-It-Yourself’ers and often, you find the opportunity to do a lot of the work yourself based on a variety of reasons. One such task is powder coating. It’s durable, inexpensive, and fun to do. Gun kits are available from vendors such as Harbor Freight or Eastwood, to name a few. Powders are readily available from the above mentioned or Pendry Powder Coatings. Materials, such as Epoxy, Polyester, and Polyurethane, are available to the hobbyist. I decided to powder coat the suspension parts on the Mustang II for the ’47 Fleetline. I plan to re-do it because I changed my mind on the color. To remove it, there is a STRONG chemical paste available from Lowes or Eastwood that is brushed on and bubbles to remove it. Let me advise: THIS STUFF IS STRONG and has burned through my nitrile gloves before. In addition to the powder coating gun, an old kitchen ELECTRIC oven is fine. Do not use your regular kitchen oven! I picked one up for $50 from the local Penny saver where I coated my own parts until I upgraded to a larger oven. Typically, the powders must see 400ºF or greater, depending on the powder. Just follow the recommendation spelled out by the manufacturer. I like to media blast my metallic parts

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and then pre-heat them in the oven to burn off any residual oils. Also, after coating your parts (which is basically dusting statically charged particles onto a metal surface), plan ahead how you will handle them before placing them in the oven. Once you strike the piece onto the surface, the powder simply rubs off. The powder coating becomes durable once it is subjected to the respective high curing temperatures. I plan to powder coat many of my own brackets, suspension, small pieces, rims, etc. that fit

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into my oven. A lot of this is trial & error…and FUN. Here we go!



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